Saturday, 8 February 2014

OFW Day 2: Backstage Savvy

Today I had the extreme pleasure to work with two magnificent designers for the second time. As a returning backstage intern, I was thrilled to hear that I was assigned to: Bernice and Barclay, a pair of super cool and down to earth individuals; and Sukhoo Sukhoo, a fashion veteran with a hilarious and welcoming personality.

What an awesome day for me to have been reunited with these amazing people!

Bernice and Barclay:Designers Lorianne Hawdur & Jamieson Nesbitt
For Bernice and Barclay, the unique bit about them is their fun, flirty, and lighthearted shows. The personalities that the models were instructed to embody this season was a sexy secret agent...from the 60s/70s. Austin Powers instantly came to my mind when I heard of this, and the models certainly pulled it off!
Bernice and Barclay Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

I was also extremely excited to see what Mr. Sukhoo had in store for his audience, as he is known to have extraordinary shows. This season's theme was futuristic yet exquisite; it reminded me of the fancy outfits in 'The Hunger Games'. With mesh cloth wrapped around each model's face, it seemed likely that there was an accident awaiting. Being the pros that they are, their presentation of the garments went on without a hitch. Although it was entertaining to see them rip the cloth off the moment they could.
Sukhoo Sukhoo Fall/Winter Collection 2014

Models letting loose
The most amazing pieces in this collection

Now comes the end of Day 2 here at Ottawa Fashion Week, and the last day here at the Lac Leamy Hilton Hotels. For Saturday and Sunday the show will be held at the Museum of History, previously named the Museum of Civilization.
Runway at Lac Leamy Hilton Hotel

I unfortunately will not be reporting for tomorrow's events, but will return on Sunday to give you the scoop for the finale of Fall/ Winter 2014 Ottawa Fashion Week.

Till then!

Karen Leon

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