Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Hair Trends

Hey everyone!
So Spring is finally here and Summer is (slowly) on its way. And what better way to celebrate then by telling you all about the hairstyles you'll be seeing everywhere! The hair trends this season are super edgy and over-the-top but you can deffinitely find a way to make them work for you. Let me show you how you can recreate my favorites in your everyday life.

The Wet Look

Yes yes I know..you're all cringing at this. But this is totally in style this season and believe it or not you CAN rock it in everyday life! It's super easy to pull off on your own (not much expertise required here) and looks totally cute for a hot summer day. Not to mention the amount of work it would take out of styling your hair. I actually love the way they show you how to recreate this look in the April 2012 issue of Seventeen magazine. One of my favorite youtube beauty gurus, Macbarbie07, shows you on p.80 how to easily pull off this look with gel and a comb. I love it! Honestly I was not a big fan of this trend at first but I am totally digging it now. Slicked back is the way to go this season!

Dip-Dyed and Bright, Bold Color

Crazy colors are still going strong! I have to admit I don't think I will be trying this look out personally (I'm an actress and have to keep my hair a natural color) but that doesn't mean I woulden't want to! There are ways you can get around this to without permanently dying your hair a wild color. For example, there's this product called the KevinMurphy ColorBug which offers a few different colors and you literally just slap it onto your hair like chalk. It gives you a funky color during the day and you can wash it off at night! It would look totally cute from the middle of your hair down to your ends. Don't do anything permanent that you will regret once this trend DYES out (hahaha pun intended)!

The Perfect Center Part
The center part is back from the 70s in a big way! For so long we were all rocking side parts and other edgy variations but the precise middle part is back. I am really loving this trend because I think it looks so clean and sophisticated. Its a nice change from what we see on everyone these days!

Funky Retro Hair

Anna Sui’s spring/summer 2012

Precise controlled retro waves were crazy big on the runways for Spring/Summer and I love it! I've always wanted to do something totally retro with my hair and now I have the excuse to do it. Hugely teased bouffants were also everywhere and I think that it is a little easier to do then the retro waves. Love love love this trend!

Braids, Braids and More Braids!
Valentino spring/summer 2012

Braids are deffinitely huge right now (in case you haven't already noticed!). I especially noticed alot of braided updos on the runway but there were also some very intricate ponytails done with braids. This is the perfect trend for everyone because it is easy to do and you can have so much fun with it. I really love the big braid going across the front of the hair right above the forehead (the sort of halo-braid updo shown on the first picture). I will for sure be rocking this on lazy beach days and fun roadtrips!

So what's your favorite hair trend for Spring and Summer?
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- Gen

Monday, 5 March 2012

My favorite fashionable follows

Hey guys!
So twitter is HUGE in the social media world and there are some amazing people and brands on there that I love! Some magazines post pictures and tips right from the runway, designers post their thoughts and inspirations, etc.
Twitter is a great place to get stylish inspiration and I am addicted to it!
So today I thought I would show you my favorite fashion people/brands to follow!
Happy tweeting!!

Flare Magazine (@FLAREfashion)
I love their tweets! They are constantly posting pictures straight from the runway and I'm addicted to them. They recently posted a ton of twitpics from the various fashion weeks such as this one of the Giambattista Valli finale at Paris Fashion Week: https://twitter.com/#!/FLAREfashion/status/176672794963214336/photo/1. I love the magazine itself and their twitter deffinitely reflects it perfectly. They are one of my favorite magazine tweeters.

Refinery 29 (@refinery29)
Refinery 29 is one of my favorite fashion websites and their twitter is just as great. They post links to all their new posts which is great cause you don't have to keep on checking their website! I love this recent post of theirs on what to wear in the spring of 2012: http://www.refinery29.com/spring-shopping-essentials. I love their pictures of street style and how they post pictures on all the latest must-have items on their twitter. They also post recent deals for shopping and a lot more fun stuff!

FashionWeekNYC (@fashionweeknyc)
I really like this one because it posts all the latest runway shows that you can watch through live-streaming online. I also really like the fun inspirational quotes that are always tweeted. And, of course, the live updates during fashion week are the best! I am constantly re-tweeting their tweets!!

Models.com (@models)
I love this one because it keeps you up-to-date on all the latest runway shows, campaigns, and all of the lovely models walking and posing within them. This is a great one for live fashion show updates too!

Fashionista.com (@fashionista_com)
This one is exactly what it says in its description: "All the fashion news you need to know...and fast." Constant updates on what is new in the world of fashion on literally every subject you could possibly imagine! Love this one.

Allure Magazine (@allure_magazine)
I especially love that this magazine is focused on beauty and the products that go along with it. Their twitter reflects this because they are constantly talking about various makeup looks at runway shows, new products out on the market, tips and tricks when it comes to doing your makeup, etc. They are always updating and I love the articles that they link you to on their website. I love this recent post on 32 hair ideas for 2012: http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/32-hair-ideas-for-2012/

Elle Canada (@elle_canada) and Fashion Magazine (@FashionCanada)
I love that these are both CANADIAN magazine so they update you on things actually available here where you live! They also mention Canadian designers and models and talk about the fashion weeks within Canada as well as elsewhere. Both have great articles on their websites that they link to and give you up-to-date fashion news.

CelebrityStyleGuide (@celebstyleguide)
I really like this one because it posts pictures of what all the celebrities are wearing and whats on trend at the moment. They also write about fashion news and post fun little tidbits about celebrities (and what they are wearing of course!). Always some fun stuff coming from this tweeter.

Vogue (@voguemagazine)
Also known as the fashion bible and their twittter is no exception. Love all the high-end fashion tweets regarding fashion shows and the best dressed celebrities. Vogue is always on top of their game and always tweets the best of the best. This is one account you HAVE to follow!

Tone It Up (@toneitup)
These two ladies have amazing fitness and health tips! They have incredible youtube videos that give you the latest workouts and tips. They are constantly tweeting about staying in shape and are two very fashionable young ladies! One of my favorite follows.

Man Repeller (@manrepeller)
This is an awesome fashion site that posts some pretty stylish tweets! I love their website and their tweets are hilarious. They have great street style posts and some good tips as well as some fun fashion news.

There are so many others that I love but these are the ones that are my favorites!
So what are your favorite fashionable tweeters?
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Tweet ya later!
xo Gen