Sunday, 30 August 2015

Toronto Men's Fashion Week - Hip and Bone

In early 2012, Carlos Eli Fogelman decided to combine his extensive knowledge of textiles with his passion for functional quality designs to create Hip and Bone.
Inspired by his surroundings, international travels and personal identities he aimed to design a sleek futuristic collections based on the luxurious sporty personalities behind the Hip and Bone culture.

The result is a modern interpretation of stylish and timeless footwear bags and apparel to be worn anywhere, anytime and unconditionally by fellow sartorial innovators.

Hip and Bone revives the modern man’s wardrobe with an array of redefined basics. Designed to endure changing tastes and fashions, Hip and Bone fuses luxurious materials with relaxed silhouettes to be enjoyed in an everyday setting. Conscious of the aesthetic of his external canvas, the Hip and Bone man’s wardrobe is replete with understated and timeless standouts. The Hip and Bone collection sets the standard in the contemporary sportswear market.

We work meticulously in sourcing every feature of our garments with utmost attention to quality and design. Throughout the production process, we scrutinize every aspect to ensure its adherence to the essence of the brand. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and guarantee to deliver beyond our client’s expectations.

We seek truth every day
Our wish... Our desire is to give people a voice, a way to express their inner selves. We ignore conspicuous consumption.
We honor art and culture.
We came because a generation called.

Pictures by Michael Murka

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week - Interview with Philippe Dubuc by Michael Murka

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week
Interview with Philippe Dubuc by Michael Murka

FM: Why did you decide to become a Fashion Designer? 
PD: At the beginning it was for my self-expression and then to express my self through people that are wearing our designs.

FM: What is your favorite part of being a Fashion designer?
PD: I don’t have to wait in a line up in nightclubs ...Joke... 
It’s the creativity and its day-to-day challenges.

FM: What were your inspirations for the designs you created?
PD: The city, the urban landscapes, modern art and the people that surround me.

FM: How did you select materials you used?
PD: From Europe, for the modern touch and new finishings.
I love working with new fabrics that have integrated some weavings of natural threads.

FM: What do you think of Eco-fashion?
PD: It’s still a big challenge to get our fashion industry more eco oriented. There is still a lot of research to be done, but we are getting there, more and more.  We always try to make sure that our fabrics are as eco friendly as possible, in the finishing and the treatments.

FM: What are your plans for the future?

To create more and more ...