Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cult Status: Lipstick Edition

Nothing finishes a look off better than a cool swipe of lipstick. From bold reds to vibrant pastels, you can change your look from professional office-wear to happy-hour drinks after work with just one portable tool. The lipstick has been the must-have weapon for ladies to carry in their makeup bags since the beginning of time. There a so many lip products out there, though, that it can be dizzying trying to navigate shelves among shelves of creamy lipbutters and glossy stains. Luckily, a select few have risen from the sea of glossy pinks and reds to deem elite cult status.

Chanel Rouge Allure 
Luminous Intense Lip Color in Incandescente, $35- www.chanel.com 
Like the name suggests, this lipstick literally lights up your face. The luminous shine paired with the vibrant red color add instant moisture and glam. If you are to have only one lipstick ever, choose this one.

Estée Lauder 
All Day Lipstick in Frosted Apricot, $23 www.thebay.com
This lipstick has been around for generations - and for good reasons. They have not and will not discontinue this shade in fear of creating a worldwide freak-out. I don't know how, but it goes with literally everything and works on every skin tone.

Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $19 www.thebay.com
My personal favorite. The name can seem a bit scary (I mean, black lips are only meant for Halloween, right?) but the tint is sheer enough that it simply intensifies your natural lip color. Thus meaning this also looks perfect on any and every skin tone. Want to go bolder? Simply swipe on a few more layers, or fill your lips with a lip liner beforehand. The possibilities are endless.

Colorburst Lip Butter in Sorbet, $7, drugstores
You really can't go wrong with this price. I have this in almost every color. I especially love the sorbet for a nice pop of color in the spring and summer seasons. It goes on smooth like a lip gloss but adds vibrant color like a lipstick. It really is the best of both worlds, and my bank account does not complain. Total win!

Rouge Dior in 999, $36, www.sephora.com
This is luxury at its finest. Dior's best seller goes on super smooth and satiny, adding quite a punchy hue. 999 was actually the first color ever released by Dior. They have issued about 1500 since (most probably come and gone), but this one is still around and for good reason. 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Givenchy play intense : Review

'Givenchy - play intense' is one of my favourite men's Eau de toilette's that I am eager to repurchase. Being a lover of colognes and perfumes,  I have a small library of fragrances that I am determined to use before repurchasing this , though the itch is hard to resist scratching!

Play Intense is the brother to it's predecessor 'Givenchy play' , a more fresh and light version. This takes the notes of the original Givenchy Play and , ( as the name suggests) , made the notes more deeper, richer, and well..... intense!

The fragrance notes include : 

 Mandarin Orange
 Pink pepper
Tonka bean 

Coffee is a strong fragrance note that can easily be distinguished in fragrances , as well as tonka bean. The note of tonka bean can be found in David beckhams - intamately yours and the ever famous Jean Paul Gaultier - Le male. To me , the two notes of coffee and tonka bean are prominent in this fragrance and mix together to create a hot drink concoction of their own. The mix of tonka bean and coffee give this rich caramel note or a sweet cappuccino scent. It's very warming on the skin by being sweet and has a spicy undertone to the sweetness from the pink pepper.  I would say this scent leans towards the gourmand end of the fragrance house. 

I find it difficult to detect any of the floral notes with exception to perhaps patchouli that subtly gives a more earthy and dirty tone to the sweetness. The mandarin is more recognisable in the original Givenchy play though difficult to detect at all in this fragrance.

The projection on this fragrance is strong which will definitely get you noticed. The scent is long lasting and lingers on the skin around 6-8 hours , perfect for night outs where you want the security of your fragrance lasting through all those killer dance moves on the dance floor. It's certainly a night time fragrance due to it's heavy accords , perfect for warming up the air on autumn and winter nights. 

The strength of the fragrance means you don't need to use many sprays or the need to top it up throughout the day , meaning it makes makes better value for money as you're using less fragrance than one that you having to constantly apply.

The bottle design 

My only pet peeve with this fragrance is the bottle design. I can see where Givenchy has gone with the design, making it appear like an MP3 player to target towards the younger market and for a more modern approach. Despite it's youthful and playful design , it looks short from being tacky and I wonder if this may discourage a mature man from taking a sniff. It has a rubberised curved sprayer that's easy to use , and is visible through the plastic lid. At first glance the entire bottle appears black but when you shine it into daylight , you can actually see the glass bottle is indigo and only the lid is black. It would have looked more aesthetically pleasing if the same colour was continued through it's design.


Overall a great sweet and spicy compliment getter, with good projection and better longevity. I wouldn't recommend it for those who aren't a fan of gourmands. I hear this is constantly being compared to Rochas - Rochas man though unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to smell it and find any similarities.  

I would love to hear your opinions on Givenchy- play intense? What's your favourite gourmand fragrance? 

All the best , Harry 


Models Blurring the lines of gender

In society it is often emphasized in all sorts of media what is stereotyped as an attractive male or attractive female, and fashion is no exception to these stereotypes. As times changes , fashion also evolves and has more campaigns and catwalks than ever blurring the lines of masculine and femininity by using androgynous models. This gender switch in fashion is eye opening to those who perhaps feel more comfortable wearing clothes targeted towards the opposite gender and reassuring to those that perhaps don't feel they relate to a specific gender.

Marco Morante, the head of the fashion house 'Marco Marco' , showcased his spring and summer collection modelled entirely by half naked hunks,  sassy drag queens and male models in high heels that strutted their stuff setting a colourful and energetic performance. Perhaps I should reconsider a pair of Christian Louboutins... .

Below are some of the honourable mentions to models who are breaking borders showing beauty comes in more than just male and female stereotypes. 

Andrej Pejic

 Andrej had emigrated to Melbourne , Australia in 2000 where he was scouted whilst working in McDonalds at just the tender age of 16. Andrej ,  a 6 foot 2 blonde bombshell who's beauty not only inspires designers but is admired by both men and woman, by being voted as 98th in FHM sexiest woman 2011. His feminine looks have landed him multiple woman's campaigns including push-up bra advertisements. He walks for both male and female fashion shows though is mostly recognised for his beauty that leans towards the more feminine side.  Andrej Pejic is admirably known for walking down the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier in a brides dress, looking elegant top to toe.

Bridal gown for Jean Paul gaultier

Elliott Sailors

Elliott , a previous beauty-pageant contestant was initially signed to ford models in the woman's division. After the haircut to chop off her long locks, her strong jaw line and sharp cheek bones were revealed making her quite the handsome lady. Though Elliott is working as a face for menswear, this isn't to be conceived that she is transitioning into a man, in fact she's a happy wife to Adam Santos-Coy. It's in fact shocking to hear that Mrs. sailors has received prejudice behaviours from people mistaking her and her partner as a gay couple. Unsettling as that is to hear, I admire her confidence to have the switch into men's wear and pull of that edgy masculine look.

Casey Legler

Casey , a former Olympic swimmer,  is the first woman to be signed to work in the mens modelling division. With a similar look and hair cut to Elliott sailors , you could imagine seeing them alongside each other in mens campaigns. Signed to ford models her campaigns include All saints, Diesel reboot and Iris van Herpen. Her look that is set to change boundaries in gender roles of fashion was recognised and featured in vogue 2013.

I find it aspiring to see models being used for multitude of male and female campaigns and I hope to see this versatility more in the future. 

All the best.

Photographs used are not my own.

Mens pastel trend

More than likely, spring fashion has two types of trends that bloom up each year ; Floral print and pastel colours. As a fan of both these trends I was more than pleased to realise that these styles have found their way into mens fashion this season just as much as they have  in woman's fashion. For gentleman who perhaps fear the floral prints , then pastel colours for spring is a great alternative. Bold sugary Pastel colours make a great statement for the fresh months of spring . The transition of lighter colours from the dark and heavy winter clothes ( now lurking in the bottoms of the wardrobe) , will also lift your mood into spring. You have to spring clean your wardrobe too !

I have found some of my favourite candy pastel fashion items in the high street stores below. Some of the colours seem really vibrant against the white back drop the items have been photographed with. Click on any of the pictures and it will link you to website.

Jack wills




Image 1 of The Cambridge Satchel Company Cambridge Satchel Portrait Backpack
Asos.com - cambridge satchel

New look
Burton menswear

Bold pastel shirts look great buttoned up to the top with a silver or gold chain necklace on show around the collar. Both blue jeans and cream chinos compliment pastel tops. For a day look, a pastel top with cream chinos rolled up past the ankles and boat shoes give an effortless summer vibe.  I've come to realise that pastel yellow at times can often make your complexion seem  "washed out", however yellow contrasts well against tanned/ darker skin tones.

If there is a trend , designer or store that you would like me to review , feel free to leave a comment.

All the best, Harry 

Male models leaping into 2014

With so many campaigns and adverts out in the fashion world, it may be hard for a male model to stand out against their competition. There are a few faces that I have seen again and again in 2014 , so I have decided to search a little bit deeper into these occurring faces to share with you.

Edward Wilding

Edward wilding, currently ranking in the top 50 male models on models.com has sliced into the fashion-sphere with his killer cheekbones and handsome looks. The 6 foot 3 model is signed to multiple model agencies with his mother agency being from his home town of Manchester, Boss models UK. From Versace campaigns posing alongside Kate moss to Parke and Ronan runways, he is fast becoming popular among designers and within the fashion industry.  With an increasing instagram following , currently at 17k, he shows the world his cheeky and comical aside away from the catwalks and sharp suits.

The photo editorial entitled " Narcissus" for Lab-A4 magazine , ( photographed by Greg Swales and edited by Ryan Davis),  showcases a devilishly handsome Edward expressing some serious fetish vibes that you do not want to miss. The photographs fully convey the tale of "Narcissus" with a high fashion and dark urban edge.

This 22 year old is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Edward wilding photo sourced from www.ftape.com

Edward for Lab-A4 magazine.  photographed by Greg Swales. editorial titled " Narcissus".
versace acc001 Edward Wilding Appears In Versaces Spring Summer Eyewear and Jewelry Campaign
Edward Wilding and Kate moss campaign for Versace jewellery and eye wear. Photo sourced from www.Thefashionisto.com.

Luke Powell

Signed to models 1 as a new face, Luke has already walked for hunter and exclusively for Burberry. The 21 year old sprung into 2014 by landing a campaign with Topman, with his face smashing onto the shop fronts of Topshop stores in beautiful black and white photography. This blue eyed boy from Rotherham has landed and has left me anticipating his next campaign. His instagram account not only showcases his modelling skills , but that that he's also a killer at taking a selfie!

Photo sourced from thefashionspot.com

large 1
Luke modelling for Topman, Photo sourced from models1.com

Daan van der Deen

At the age of 19 Daan has not already walked for the Versace 14 show  but was the shows opening model. With a heavy brow and plump pouty lips it's hard not to look at his features and become envious of his striking masculine look. Cara D may be the queen of the eyebrow for woman's fashion but will Daan be the king of the eyebrow in the male model world ? I can see Daan becoming popular in 2014, definitely one to keep your eye on.

Walking for Versace 14
Photo sourced from agency " IamELK". www.i-am-elk.nl

Photo sourced from Ftape.com

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Express NOW OPEN at Bayshore Shopping Centre

Photo taken by Tina Picard
The day has finally come! We here at Fave were lucky enough to have been invited to the grand opening ceremony for the new Express store at Bayshore. The red tape has officially been cut and you can now shop til you drop (and receive 40% off your purchase while you're at it)!

This is the first Express in Ottawa and they definitely fill a void in the style scene.

Photo taken by Tina Picard
I was able to get a sneak peek of what's in store this morning. For spring, Express is all about the white-out look and festival style for the ladies (I'm looking at you, Coachella) and brights and mixed patterns for the guys.  I was also really digging their awesome accessories!

Here is a little preview of what you'll find in-store:

Maxi dresses should never go out of style. I could live in this! These dresses would look great with a nice denim jacket on cooler days.

I'm in love with this fringe-tastic boho bag. This screams outdoor music festival and I'm probably going to go back to buy this for Bluesfest.

All of Express' watches are made by Fossil which explains why they are all so gorgeous. These pastel bangles were so cute. I can see them beig stacked with a bunch of fun bracelets for a sweet arm party look.

The men's watches are all about the go big or go home principle. I especially liked the big faces matched with the leather strap for a casual yet functional look.

For the men, these shorts scream summer weekends on the boat. They would look fantastic paired with a great pair of Sperry boat shoes.

There is certainly no shortage of plaid and gingham over at Express. It is such a great classic look, you really can't go wrong!

Even the ties come in endless varieties of plaid.

Photo taken by Tina Picard
There's definitely no escaping the color trend, men. Every hue under the rainbow can be found here. I was pleasantly surprised with the fun, fresh looks available for both the men and ladies. I don't know about you, but this makes me extremely excited that spring is finally here! 

Congratulations are in order for Express on their grand opening. I definitely have my eye on a few pieces and will be coming back soon to do a spring wardrobe refresh!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Hottest Hair Trends for Spring 2014

The catwalks have spoken and it is GREAT news for us lazy girls. The trending styles for spring 2014 involve loose waves, low-key up-dos and sporty head-pieces. I don't know about you, but I'm all for effortless style.

Here's a recap of the most coveted hairstyles to pair with your spring pastels and orange lipstick:

Mermaid Waves

We all know this look isn't new to the fashion world, but loose waves are a timeless classic that work well with all face shapes which is why they appear on the runways again and again. This looks even better on the 2nd day - just rub in some dry shampoo and away you go! Perfect for busy mornings when time slips away on you.

Messy Braids

Another versatile look - this works at the office and at the gym. Especially good for one of those ever-so-often bad hair days. Glossy or matte, the key is to keep it messy. Spray some dry shampoo in your hair before styling to give your hair some hold and tease away! I'd recommend using Blax snag-free hair elastics.

Sleeked Back

Yet another handy look for day-old hair. If you're brave enough, this style works as a great contrast to feminine outfits and girly make-up by adding a fun edgy vibe. Use a soft wax on your roots and work with a deep side part or go all-out sleeked back.

The Low Pony

This is probably my favorite style of the bunch. The low pony can work well everywhere and is absolutely fuss-free. Make sure your hair is pin straight and wear with a fun hair-cuff to conceal your hair elastic. Also, make sure to use a great serum to keep hair shiny and sleek.


Speaking of hair cuffs, designers were all about jazzing up hairstyles with head bands, cuffs, flowers and ribbons. It is all about bringing your own personality to it so be creative! Bows were paired with braids, headbands with the low pony and the flowers worked beautifully with loose up-dos.

The New Pixie

Something I wish I was brave enough to rock - blunt cuts peppered the runways and looked uber chic. Bobs have been a hit on the runways since the early 2000s but gone are the days of soft, wispy cuts. This year is all about going short and blunt with vibrant hues. You can always try this look out with a wig for a few days to get a feel for it, but if you are aching for a major style change this is definitely a fun place to start.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

In for Spring - Makeup Edition

Now that spring weather is finally here in Ottawa (hallelujah), I can finally stow away my dull winter hues and dust off some fresh new colors for Spring. Being the makeup junkie that I am, I've perused the S/S2014 catwalks for some inspiring new trends to rock this season. Consistent theme here - brights and pastels done in such a way as to not look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

Bright Lips

The bright orange lip trend has resurfaced and I couldn't be more excited! The bold hue brings a much needed pop to the in-trend sporty look that everybody will be rocking. I find that Yves Saint Laurent makes the best lipstick for bold colors like this. Their Rouge Volupté line comes on sheer, so you can control how bold you want to be. On the lower end of the spectrum, Rimmel just came out with a line of lipsticks by Kate Moss which includes an awesome orange hue.

Graphic Eyeliner

Sharpen your pencils, ladies. This is a trend I've already started to see people rocking. It is such a fun way to add some je ne sais quoi to your look. It will take some practice (for me at least) but you can really play up your eyes here with the addition of some strategic lines. I would recommend a felt tip liner for the most precise application. Try the one from Marc Jacobs' new line, the Magic Marc'er Precision Pen. It is my new favorite thing in the world.

Blue Eyes

The Spring/Summer catwalk definitely had the blues - models for almost every designer rocked a blue hue on their lids. This is great news for us brown-eyed girls. Blue naturally brings out brown tones, making your peepers really pop. The key to avoiding the dreaded Mimi look is to keep the rest of the face rather subdued, and to really blend the shadow properly. The cult favorite Naked Palette from Urban Decay features a set of lovely blues that works with virtually any skin tone.

Bold Brows

Probably the most important of them all - bold brows are an absolute MUST this season. Thicker, more defined brows really work wonders by framing your eyes and lifting your cheekbones. Gone are the days of the pencil-thin brows that MTV started in the early '00s. I love the Brow Zings kit from Benefit. It comes with all the tools needed for perfectly groomed strong brows, and the right hues to avoid looking like you have a couple caterpillars sleeping on your forehead.

Tune in later for a recap on the hot hairstyles featured on the runways for spring. What I'm most excited about are the low-key, loose styles that are going to be on-trend. I am not very skilled in the hair department so the simpler the better for me!