Sunday, 10 February 2013


Montreal Fashion Week Day 4 Recap
And here it is! My fourth and final daily recap of MFW. Make sure to keep checking back for my big post covering the entire week! It's coming, I promise! To be honest, day 4 was my least favorite day. I just found that the energy was not as present there as it was the other 3 days. However, I did very much enjoy the Harricana show and I liked seeing what student designers are doing at the Telio bursary show.

As a skiier, I definitely enjoyed this outerwear company's beautiful and cozy-looking clothing! The show was completed with skies by Rossignol and everything looked so wonderfully wearable. Harricana definitely makes winter dressing fun and chic! 

Telio Bursary Show:
It was alot of fun to see the creations of various fashion design students from across the country! Many talented young people out there and a few were there to represent my own fashion school which was cool. Some really beautiful designs; I just had trouble taking pictures because most of them were mainly white! 

I hope you enjoyed this and keep your eyes peeled for my final big post on the whole week!
- Gen