Monday, 19 November 2012

Style Child: Mallory Richards

This week I sit down with Mallory Richards for a short chat about her personal style. Mallory is an up and coming model from Ottawa, often described as having strong features, sulky-sultry expressions, one of Canada’s best exports in modeling, and a “Tim Burton creature.”

David: Tell me a bit about your personal style and its evolution. Does it match up to your modeling brand?

Mallory: Style evolution? Well it came pretty suddenly after a couple phases. I used to be the kind of girl that would fall back on a pair of jeans and a comfy hoodie, but that was before I started modeling (a few years ago). Once I was exposed to the world of fashion I let myself make bolder choices and I found that I liked a Parisian look. That was the epitome of style to me. And then I became a bit rebellious and started incorporating some grungy elements and pieces, like a lot of chunky boots and obnoxious studded jewelry, into outfits that were mostly skinny jeans and band tees. I think one of my comp cards features a shot of me in my ACDC shirt, actually, so that part of my style is comparable to how the industry brands me. I kind of did a 180 after that and became obsessed with florals, lace, dusty pinks, beige, pastels and anything super feminine. I feel like a flower child.

David: You mentioned your affinity to grungy pieces and obnoxious jewelry during your more rebellious phase. How do you think personality and style come together? Is there a connection?

Mallory: When it comes to personality and style, I think your personality definitely plays a big role. Your style is supposed to be an expression of your personality, right? I don’t consciously try to pick out anything flowery and feminine, but I guess most people would call me sweet and kind (she laughs). I wouldn’t call myself a wallflower, but I’m a bit shy at times, and I think that makes me avoid those stand-out colours. The pale, earthy neutrals are for me. Maybe when I’m feeling a bit more daring or energetic, let’s say for a night out, that’s when I like to be a bit more experimental with colour. Bright reds and shocking violets, stuff like that. I even feel like sometimes my inner rebel is taking over when I throw on combat boots and studded jackets!

David: You’re still very young and I think it shows in how you’ve changed your style and how it continues to grow. Am I right in saying that? Where do you pull your inspiration from? Are there certain style icons you look up to and try to emulate?

Mallory: Definitely! I’ve been all over the place with my personal style, but I feel like that’s okay. I’m a style chameleon in that way. That’s the right term, isn’t it? As for my inspirations, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Katy Perry specifically in her music video “The One That Got Away”, and then Elizabeth Banks, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. I know, it’s not very consistent.

David: I know you’re only a model, but you seem like you really know what you’re talking about. Are you a fashion victim? Do you have any fave designers? And what about Canadian and local designers and brands? Tell me where you shop!

Mallory: I wouldn't call myself a fashion victim but I definitely love fashion! I do follow some of my favourite designers and watch a few runways but I don't do anything beyond that. My favourite designers would have to be Jil Sander. It my favourite runway show for Fall. Something about the collection just resonated with me. As for local and Canadian designers? Pink Tartan, Sid Neigum, Jeremy Laing-

*brief interruption as I share my love for Sid Neigum with Mallory*

and I think that's about it. As for shopping, it isn't too great in Ottawa, but you have to love Zara for having everything, and I guess I'm guilty of shopping at Forever 21. I also love Aritzia. I was even fortunate to do their look book one time! I mostly do online shopping; Etsy, Nastygal, really random websites, eBay has everything anyone could ever need, etc.

* Mallory's Aritzia lookbook (link is currently down for site maintenance): *

David: I love Zara! Everyone has to love Zara. I affectionately call it the reigning queen of reinterpretations, AKA knockoffs. Its great for trends. Would you call yourself a trendy person? Do you have a favourite purchase from there? And just because I'm dying to know, what's your favourite item of clothing ever?

Mallory: Haha! I don't actually follow trends! I go with the flow, but I'm not trying to be pretentious or anything about not following trends. I'll maybe go for one if it catches my interest, but otherwise I'll wear anything, trendy or out as long as I'm loving it and it feels like ME. My favourite purchase from Zara is my favourite purchase so far. I generally intensely love my clothes for a short amount of time before I move on to new things to love. It's a dusty pink cable knit cardigan, and I love it because the colour is great, it's warm, and so comfortable! I could sleep in it!

David: Thanks for sharing so much with me today Mallory! I learned a lot about you in 10 minutes! Before you go, I challenge you to create a Polyvore collage in under 3 minutes to share with Fave blog readers!

Mallory: No problem!

*and voila! Her 3 minute style collage: *

Mulberry Kisses

 Hi Fave readers!
I have been going crazy over a recent beauty trend lately: the mulberry lip. I seriously love this trend and think it is perfect for really making a statement. There are so many gorgeous shades out there at the moment which includes both high end and drugstore. I love the sultry and vampy look that a dark mulberry lip can give you. It's sexy and totally unexpected. It's mysterious and bold. I think everyone can pull it off if they pick shades that work for them and complement their skin tone. I personally like the more red-looking dark lipsticks like this but I've seen people wear close to black lipstick that looks stunning on them! It all depends on the look you're trying to go for and your personal level of comfort. I say go for it! Rock those bold lips with confidence. Sometimes makeup really can be such a great accessory. I know that this lip look would definitely make any plain-looking outfit look instantly chic.

So what do you think? Is mulberry the new red as far as lipstick goes?
I certainly think it is and I am definitely going to be trying this daring beauty trend soon!
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- Gen