Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Avah Taylor Relaunch Party!

Hey guys,
So since I was not able to attend the Avah Taylor relaunch party (I'm headed to fashion school in Montreal!) the lovely Sienna from Fave has written a wonderful post on it!
Check it out and all credit goes to her! xox Gen

Avah Taylor’s Launch Party

Last Thursday evening, an intimate little soiree was thrown at Kania Boutique in the market to celebrate the launch (or, to be precise, the re-launch) of -  the fashion, celebrity, and lifestyle blog of Ottawa’s very own Kerry-Ann Thompson. Browsers will be thrilled to find that the energetic website has been fully revamped, in appearance and in content.
Guests were offered lovely sparkling wine from Southbrook Vineyards and tasty  bite-size cupcakes with written in the icing. Upbeat music set the tone as fashion enthusiasts mingled and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere.
Kania’s Stacey was a lovely host, and her colourful and sparkling boutique was the ideal location for this event. The cheerful golden-yellow walls, the glittering lights and glass fixtures, and the mannequins placed around the store donning Kania Couture offered a delightful setting. In addition to this, an exquisite array of jewellery was set up in a glass display, courtesy of Logan Antiques on Bank St.
The atmosphere was engaging, and the crowd amiable. The charming Sid Cratzbarg enchanted guests with samples of the newest scents from Dolce and Gabanna and Gucci, Rosina from Capital Fashion Consulting shared news of her upcoming event on August 9th (, and I had the pleasure of meeting Jewne Johnson of CKCU Radio and the lovely and talented Paidemoyo Chideya of DeMOYO Designs.
I managed to steal away the belle of the ball, the founder of the Avah Taylor website herself, to answer a few questions:
Sienna Vittoria: Where did the name Avah Taylor originate?
Avah Taylor: When I was deciding what to call my brand, I thought of the two woman who inspire me the most - my childhood friend Avah, and Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor has been such an inspiration to me - she really embodies the strong, fashionable, and classy woman. Since then, the name has stuck for my brand, and now even my family and friends call me Avah!
SV: Why did you decide to relaunch and rebrand?
AT: Well, the growth has been tremendous, especially considering we’re here in Ottawa, which is predominantly government, and predominantly conservative. Because of this, for a blog to be doing so well, I feel extremely lucky. So I wanted to celebrate it with a new look. I redesigned the website, and the launch party is to celebrate that.
SV: What can we expect the difference to be?
AT: There will be a lot more local content: businesses, fashion designers, and just spotlighting the talent that’s in this city. I mean I do celebrity news, and stuff like that, but I realize that there’s a lot of talent here in Ottawa, and I want to showcase that. And being here in Ottawa myself, I can’t ignore that.
SV: Would you say your focus is on fashion? Or lifestyle in general?
AT: Yes, the tagline for this website is “Fashion Lives Here”, so it’s definitely fashion. Fashion first, everything else after.
SV: How long have you been blogging?
AT: I’ve been blogging for about two years, but is a year old. Before that I was using a WordPress, and I decided to do the “.com” when it went from 100 hits a day to 2000 hits a day. So I’m basically growing my brand.
SV: What made you start blogging in the first place?
AT: Initially my company started out making tshirts, then I started selling shoes online as well, then a PR Rep that I used to work with told me, “You know, you’re really fashionable, you’re really stylish, you should get with this!” I said, “No, I don’t want to blog…” But I tried it, I got my WordPress, then because the feedback was so good I got the “.com”, and it just kept growing. It started out as a hobby, but now I can say it’s my career. It’s my passion. It’s my life. I would classify my 9-5 as my hobby.
SV: Why did you choose to host this event here?
AT: Because Stacey is fabulous; she always supports talent, and you know, being a woman in business I find that it can be very catty, but she’s not like that. It’s as if she wants people to share her success, and I just felt that what better way to relaunch than with someone with such great spirit? I’m just happy that we could do it here. I really wouldn’t want to have it anywhere else.
SV: If you could design the ultimate future for where your blog can take you, what do you see?
AT: I see myself front row in Milan with Anna Dello Russo, Christine Centenara, Ulyana Sergeenko. Front row at Versace Couture shows. That’s where I want my blog to take me.
SV: I’ll meet you there!
AT: Cheers!
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- Sienna Vittoria