Monday, 9 January 2012

Got dry, damaged hair? Look no further!

Hey guys!
So I know that seasonal changes and winter can be pretty brutal on our hair. I know my hair gets unruly and dehydrated especially in the winter so I try to use the right products to help keep it looking full of life and full of shine. Our hair also gets a ton of damage from the tools we use on it and the things we do to it (I recently added a ton of new highlights to my hair so I know aaaall about this!) Today I wanted to show you guys my absolute favorite products for dry and damaged hair. I've got a ton of favorites because for a long time I had very damaged hair. I dyed it, I constantly tried new things with it, and I did not take care of it properly. So to help you guys avoid all of the dehydration mistakes I have made in the past I bring you....My top products for dry, damaged hair.

Moroccan Oil
This has got to be the most amazing product on the market. I am in love with this stuff and have been using it for years ever since I used to work in a hair salon. It is quite pricey but well worth the cost I can promise you that. You only need a very small amount and it deffinitely goes a long way. This is my all time favorite hair product because it gives my hair incredible shine and lots of much needed moisture. I use this on my damp hair almost everytime I get out of the shower. I promise you will not regret this incredible purchase! It is a miracle product. Macadamia Oil is another product that is similar and makes your hair soft and shiny!  Both can be purchased at places like Trade Secrets or at salons near you.

Herbal Essenses Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner
These are two great drugstore products that have an amazing price and give great results. They smell so good that you feel as though you just left a tropical beach. They really hydrate your hair and keep the moisture locked in. It's rich and creamy and does not leave your hair feeling dry and brittle once you get out of the shower. For approximately 4$ a bottle, you really can't go wrong with this one!

Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle
This is a great mask for dry and damaged hair. It is inexpensive and properly gives your hair that extra moisture it needs. It is made to be a moisture treatment and deffinitely does what it claims to do. It leaves your hair looking soft and shiny. This is one of my favorite deep conditioners and deffinitely the best one that you will find at a drugstore.

Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Spray
This is my favorite leave-in conditioner. I just spray a little all around in my hair after I am done my shower and before I use a wide-tooth comb to brush out my hair. It is great for detangling and leaves your hair feeling healthy and strong.  If you don't believe me, check out these great Makeup Alley reviews on it!

It's a Ten Miracle Leave-In Product
This product claims to do 10 different things and wow it certainly does. It is a great leave in product that leaves your hair less dry and feeling more healthy. Your hair feels so silky after you use this! Once you start using it you will never want to stop! It makes your hair shiny and takes away any frizz you might have since it conditions the hair so well. It also says that it protects your hair and locks in your color which I do believe that it does. This product seriously does what it claims to do and I can't get enough of it! It may seem pricey at first but trust me you will not regret it!

Macadamia Oil Mask
This is such a nice intense hydrating mask. It locks in moisture and really restores your hair. It smells yummy and I love it for when my hair really needs an intensive treatment. This is perfect for anyone with really damaged hair (especially chemical damage!). It's not heavy on your hair and it leaves your hair feeling light and silky. Deffinitely a must-try!

I hope this gave you guys a good little peak into some incredible moisturizing products for your hair!
Now I know you will all have fabulous soft and silky hair!
- Gen

P.S Your favorite blogger is heading to NYC this weekend and I want to know your absolute favorite stores there! I will check out your shop recommendations and will come back to you guys with all of my favorites. I will be writing a post of my top fashion and beauty stores in NYC so look out for that and send any recommendations my way at 

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