Monday, 2 April 2012

Best Dressed at the Junos!

Hey guys!So last night the Junos happened here in Ottawa and though I was not there I did catch up on some of the fashionable moments that went on during it. Here are my favorite looks of the glamorous Canadian music night!

Not only do I absolutely love her music but I'm crazy about her style too! This beautiful red gown looks magnificent on her. I love the sleek black belt with gold hardwear and how it exentuates her waist nicely. The dress worked perfectly with her slender body type and I really love the laidback hair.

Alyssa Reid

I love this bright violet dress! It really pops against her her fair complexion and brunette locks. I love the cinching at the waist with the beautiful gem-encrusted sash. Her hair looks gorgeous in loose waves and i love the beautiful youthful glow to her makeup! This look is so fun and youthful. Deffinitely one of my favorites of the night.


Speaking of beautiful loose waves, Aleesia's hair was totally enviable last night. I was actually totally in love with her sparkly show-stopping outfit. I love the fun colors and the beautiful jewels all over the dress, especially at the bust. She kept her shoes nude which was a wise choice with this very bold outfit choice. This is a really fun dress and I honestly think she totally pulled it off. Oh it just me or did Alyssa Reid totally wear the same dress during her performance:
Oh well! It looks stunning on both of them. And I love Alyssa Reid's retro hairstyle during this performance! (Check out my Spring/Summer hair trend guide and youll see that it is totally in style right now)

Carly Rae Jepson
I just coulden't resist mentioning this cutie! Her dress gave a great pop of color and I love all the beautiful pleats in it. I think it was a very pretty dress even though I must admit it looks more like something you would wear to a high school prom. However, she totally pulled it off with the youthful hairstyle and makeup! Love her!


I have always loved Lights' punk-y style and this suit dress is no exception! Love the unique hair that she's always rocking too. What a gorgeous navy dress with so many little simply details that really make her look stunning. Love the buttons, the belt and the pleat at the shoulder (is that a bow?). Super cute and deffinitely suits (haha yes a pun) her style! It makes her look so grown up and sophisticated while still sticking to her unique punk-y style.

Victoria Duffield

Although I admit I am not the biggest fan of her music, I am in love with this cute outfit. Perfect for a girl her age and for the occasion. This is a gorgeous romper that deffinitely was on trend along with all the other bright bold colors we saw last night. Also, have you noticed that the cinching at the waist was widely popular? I love her gold and blue jewelry and her hair was alot of fun too. This romper is deffinitely chic and looks more sophisticated then summer-y, which I like for a red carpet look of course.

And here are some of my favorite men's fashion that I saw at the Junos...

Diamond Rings

The jacket says it all! So bold yet so fabulous! And I love the hair!

I have to admit they totally looked laidback but really stylish last night. Love their jackets and how put together everyone looks.


Love this! The suit's blazer is stunning!!!

Karl Worlf
This ensemble was so fun that I coulden't help but love it. I know it's a little tacky and not to my usually taste but seriously who doesn't love a bright blue suit with a bold red tie?! He deffinitelly brightened up the red carpet and I love it.

What were your favorite fashions at the Junos?
Did you attend the awards?
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- Gen

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