Sunday, 23 December 2012

A New Age: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

~ Sienna Vittoria

             As we are supposedly entering a new age of zombie warfare and social decay that is known as the Post-Apocalyptic Era, I would like to take a second and look at some doomsday worthy fashion. Designers have been intrigued by the darkness our future has been said to hold for several seasons, and this weekend was a very important mark in the calendars of those who follow this notion. Horrific destruction and perilous battles are said to be immanent, and apparel must ensure practicality and safety.

Mad Max

Leather armor, in the form of body sculpting pants and bustiers, will protect skin from falling debris, and may even catch the eye of Mad Max or that cute zombie next door. Gas masks and helmets may also come in handy to stay clear of explosive chemicals. Large totes or backpacks will transport the scarce belongings that are left, as we live our nomadic life in the civilization that was once known to be safe. Migration will be necessary, and spiked defensive footwear will assist in the long tread.

Jeffrey Campbells
Jeffrey Campbells

Y!D.N.A., Ottawa Fashion Week F/W'12

Y!D.N.A., Ottawa Fashion Week F/W'12

Y!D.N.A., Ottawa Fashion Week F/W'12

Y!D.N.A., Ottawa Fashion Week F/W'12

As modern and incomplete interpretations of Mayan, Christian and others’ ancient traditional scriptures swirl around our culture, we must take into consideration that it may not be all doom and gloom after all. As some have explained, the Mayan calendar states that there have been 25,920 years in this era, and it is not the world that is ending but merely this Age. We are now entering into the next phase of human existence and evolution, where lightness and peace will prevail. Futuristic technology has been illustrated amongst this notion, but most importantly a new lightness will be experienced. Clothing that is loose fitting, soft, and airy will enchant designers, and lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and silk will grace the runways.

Marchesa, F/W'12

Alexander McQueen, F/W'11

Probal Gurung, F/W'12

Sienna Vittoria
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