Wednesday, 15 May 2013

guest blogger: le closet's alyssa wilson.

I am thrilled to be the new monthly guest blogger for fave magazine. This opportunity will allow myself to share what I love most with all fave readers. I decided for my first post that I would let you in on some of my favourite new beauty products. If you don't already know by now, you will soon discover that I am a beauty product junkie! I am always wanting to try out the next best thing on the shelf, but once I find something I truly love, I stick with it and feel that it's important to share it with all the other beauty lovers out there. Taking care of your skin is très important. Here are new favourites in my beauty bag that I recommend. Enjoy!

Smith's entire line is lovely, but I've recently tried this one which helps clear up my sinuses while still being super moisturizing on my lips.

My new lip balm for 'on the go'. Non-scented, and leaves my lips silky smooth. Always in my purse!

This has been around for years and I have never had the urge to try it ...until now. Gives my legs a natural tan and super easy application. Leaves no streaks and the price is a bonus. Just remember to moisturize!

My friend in Montreal just introduced me to these. Best described as small clouds for your face. The softest cotton pads I have ever felt. Perfect for removing eye makeup without scratching the senstive area. Will never go back to any other cotton pads.

I wear mascara and liner every day and this remover takes it all off without iritating my eyes or leaving them dry.

I bought this as a set (Vinosource Hydration Set) and all three products are wonderful but I am especially loving this serum. I wear it together with the lotion during the day and stick to just the serum at night. Lightweight and extremely mosturizing.

First time trying out this brand and I am truly impressed. This cleanser foams up perfectly and removes all dirt & makeup. I also love the smell!

I used to skip the "primer" step during my makeup routine as I always disliked the formulas I've tried. I just discovered this one by M.A.C and I use it every day. I love that it feels more like a lotion and has illuminating pearl powders (as well as a yellow tint) for that extra glow.


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