Friday, 27 December 2013

Wine, Dine and Dazzle from Holtz Spa - By: Karen Leon

Wine, Dine, and Dazzle from Holtz Spa.

By: Karen Leon

What a wonderful start to the Christmas season at Holtz Spa!

To mark the end of the bi-annual fashion shows hosted at Sant
é Restaurant, and the beginning of the festive season, Holtz Spa hosted a finale fashion show to display the latest trends in hair and makeup.

The looks that Shwarzkopf displayed in their new collection for both men and women were inspired by modern edgy professionals, retro but classy 40s styles, and romantic fantasy.

To carry out these visions, the hair stylists showcased their skills and abilities using coloring from Shwarzkopf. The hair styling products supplied by Kevin Murphy further defined these inspired looks.

To complete and polish the looks, we give a big thanks to our expert makeup artists who transformed the models. This made them look flawless with mineral makeup provided by Jane Iredale.

Let us not forget the stunning jewelry the models wore. These were provided by Myka, Originals by Andrea, Joshua Tree, Jumping Junipars, and Karen McClintock.

Congratulations to both Holtz Spa and Sant
é Restaurant for carrying out a memorable finale! I highly anticipate another dazzling show in April 2014!

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