Monday, 13 January 2014

Golden Globes 2014: Sunday's Best Dressed

Véronique Daoust

This past Sunday marked the 71st Golden Globes, where backless dresses were abundant and one specific dress has risen to instant internet stardom (be it good or bad publicity - we'll never know).

Some stars rose to elite status while others had some seriously questionable fashion choices. What was surprisingly refreshing this year was the diversity of elite designers, from Stella McCartney to Ralph Lauren and Gucci to Emilio Pucci. Here, I'll give a salute to my personal favorites from this year.

LUPITA NYONG'O - Ralph Lauren

Be still, my beating heart. I mean, honestly. Lupita (from 12 Years a Slave fame) is a fashion Goddess in this stunning caped gown by Ralph Lauren. Lupita could pull off a brown paper bag to the red carpet but this could not be a more perfect choice for her - especially paired with that stunning makeup and simple hair.

Olivia shines (literally) in this emerald gown by Gucci! She proves that maternity wear can dominate in the same league as the non-pregnant stars. She kills it in this look and that metallic clutch and loose waves could not be a more perfect match. A+!

Gucci rises again to the occasion with this classic and elegant white number. It fits Margot like a glove and she managed to show the perfect amount of skin. I want this dress and I want it now.

Naomi mixed her metals perfectly here. There is a fine line between gaudy and glorious and Naomi definitely errs on the glorious side. Everything about this Tom Ford dress is fantastic, especially the gold neckline. Also, I'm loving the grumpy photobomber. 


People may disagree with me on this one, but I am drawn to this look mostly due to the fact that it stands out from all of the safe looks that graced the red carpet. Caitlin looked gorgeous and I loved her hair and makeup. The only questionable part of this outfit are the candy striped shoes....

And there you have it! I'm hoping to see some more diversity in next week's SAG awards. Jennifer Lawrence, I'm looking at you to reclaim your style status.

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