Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 MTV VMA Show - Best and Worst Dressed

Well, the MTV VMAs were back at it last night! As usual, the red carpet was peppered with some successful and some not-so-successful fashion risks. There was certainly no lack of exposed flesh on display with some of the highest slits I've ever seen and some "J-Lo worthy" plunging necklines. While there was almost too much nudity for my liking, a few gems did pop out of the crowd. I gravitated towards the separates partially because the majority of the gowns were underwhelming.


In a sea of revealing gowns and mini dresses, Gwen Stefani rocked it in this hot pink and black ensemble. I absolutely loved this look, especially with the hot pink lips and punky Lorraine Schwartz rings. Win.

Ingrid Nilsen, of Youtube beauty fame, is making me swoon over these Christian Siriano separates. You can kind of sense a trend here that I am a major fan of hot pink. Her simple pulled-back hair and those shoes (!!) tied the whole look together for a cute, enviable look.

Beyoncé in Niciolas Jebran, because she is the Queen.

Some people love it, some people elevator hate it. I'm on the love side of Solange Knowles' red carpet look. She is rocking an H&M design over-sized jacket and cigarette pant. Can you believe this suit only cost $150? She ties the whole look together with ankle-strapped Stuart Weitzman Hells and awesome brushed out curls.

Off all the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner definitely stood out above the rest. Her Alon Livne outfit looked perfect with her sleek hair and simple accessories. 


I love Ariana Grande. I'm typically a huge supporter of her girly style and I am extremely envious of her hair (WHO IS HER HAIR DRESSER?). I am just not in love with this Moschino number. I don't like the blatant name-dropping and find it a bit edgy/punky for her style.

Ummm... no comment on Amber Rose's outfit selection.

I understand Taylor Swift wanting to make some waves and move away from her typical pretty and safe red carpet style. I commend her for that. However, this looks like she is wearing a cirque-du-soleil leotard. I would love this look more if the bottom was longer and more of a romper-type piece. 

I LOVE that Katy Perry took a jab at Brit Brit and Justin's matching denim red carpet look from the early 2000s. I find it hilarious and love a good flashback every now and again. However, the denim dress and denim suit with corn rows should have been retired when Brit and Justin shook the world and ended their union. No body needs to see that ever again. I need therapy.

At least Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke didn't shake their money makers around stage this time around. I actually thought this was a very successful event and I thoroughly enjoyed Yoncé ending the night with a 20 minute performance of pure fierceness. I give this year's VMAs a solid B (for Beyoncé).

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