Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In true elite New York fashion...

Hello again!
Is the colder weather keeping you from wearing something fashionable and put together? Are you walking around in sweatpants wondering when is winter going to just be done already?! If this is the case then look no further because I have the perfect inspiration for you.

Ever seen Gossip Girl? Even if it is not your type of show, you have to admit that the fashion in this show is breathtaking. Half of the reason I watch this show is for fashion inspiration. I find that the pieces they put together for fall and winter episodes are especially inspiring and that is why I've decided to write about it in this post. So let's get inspired!

By incorporating color into your outfit it keeps it from looking dreary. I've noticed that people often tend to wear neutral colors like black and brown especially during the winter because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and add a little color. It really brings out your outfit and makes you look more put together throughout the cold months. Take Serena's blue booties for example. They keep her warm but are totally cute and really bring out her outfit at the same time. You CAN have warmth and style at the same time!

Another thing that I love about the Gossip Girl fashion during fall and winter is how they layer various pieces. It gives the outfits dimension so they don't look so plain. The characters wear alot of tights and layer dresses, skirts, etc. ontop. I love all of the tights and leggings that they use in the show. Most of them have really cool patterns or come in bright colors to really spice up the outfit. Layering different pieces together will also keep you warm why keeping your winter outfit interesting.  They even make plain t-shirts look intricate...

I love the use of various fun coats and blazers too. This keeps you warm while looking stylish and put together. Who said coats had to be boring?!

And last but not least...it isen't just the women's outfits that are winter-ready yet stylish. The men on Gossip Girl also pull this off:. I am especially loving Chuck's style:

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this fun post on Gossip Girl and that it inspired you to play up your warm outfits a little! Let me know how you like to stay warm while staying in style.

- Gen

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