Friday, 3 February 2012

My favorite NYC stores PART 1

Hey guys!
So I recently took a little January trip to NYC and I went to some really great stores. New York City is amazing for shopping and I swear it has every store you could possibly imagine! Since there were so many great stores, I had to try and narrow it down. That is why this will be in two parts. I just couldent choose a few! So here are some of my top stores to check out on your next trip to the big apple.

Century 21

Everyone told me to go check this one out! Everytime I'd ask people for recommendations for fashion shops to check out this is the first one that people said. It is a huge department store that is close to Ground Zero. It is so big and I swear it had every brand you could possibly imagine at a great price. There's something there for everyone. It's kind of like a Winners but 10x better! I promise you will love this store. The only thing I recommend is planning to be there for a long time because it is very crowded and you do need to search through a ton of racks to find stuff. Deffinitely check this one out!


Yes that's rights, Marc Jacobs has his own book store! This is such a cute little store with all kinds of affortable and cute Marc Jacobs knicknacks (Think Marc Jacobs notebooks and pens!) and an amazing array of fashion and art-inspired books. This is such a cute store and I really think everyone would enjoy it.

Betsey Johnson
If you're into anything girly then you will absolutely love any of the Betsey Johnson shops! Her clothes are deffinitely affortable when it comes to designer duds and they really are the epitomy of femininity. Her dresses are the most popular thing you will find there but I deffinitely recommend checking out the super cute bags and jewelry to add that final touch to any outfit. Betsey Johnson is a must-see for any shopper in New York.

Victoria's Secret
(Herald Square location!)

This is the best Victoria's Secret I have ever been in. It is gigantic and has everything you could possibly want in stock. Although it is usually crowded and hard to get through, it has a ton of merchandise and some really friendly employees. I deffinitely recommend checking out their swimsuits. They are the best ones you could find and this store offers the largest selection. Also, I'm a sucker for their pink line because it is comfortable (but still cute!) and made well. And of course you have to check out their famous bras which offer a variety of styles and sizes. They have the most comfortable bras ever.


This one is a given and it's right beside Victoria's Secret Herald Square! This store is filled with designer clothes as well as more affortable options. They're got everything from shoes to bags to makeup. They have it all! It's the ultimate destination in NYC and I swear you won't regret checking it out. Keep your eyes peeled for the great deals and the sale racks throughout this gigantic store. I found a gorgeous emerald-colored designer shirt for only 20$ on a reduced rack!


Topshop is a trendy retailer from the UK that recently opened it's doors in the US as well as in Toronto! It's got high-end quality clothes at rather resonable prices and you can find everything trendy there. It's even got a Topman, which is just for guys and features some amazing pieces for the guy looking to get his style on. I love how clean and pretty the store is. Everything is so chic and makes you feel like you are truly shopping designer. I love the clothes here and you will too!

There are also a ton of incredible vintage shops in NYC. I deffinitely recommend checking those out because you will be amazed at what you can find there. Unique pieces that no one else will have! NYC is the best place to vintage shop.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed his and stick around for PART 2 which will feature some more of my favorites!!
- Gen

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