Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Top 5 Grammy Outfits

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So the 54th Grammy Awards recently happened and there were deffinitely some amazing outfits worn by celebs on the red carpet. I know you're all dying to hear my favorites so here they are!

My Top 5

Oh my god. She looked terrific. This dress deffinitely flattered her curvy shape and looked stunning for the occasion. I love the hair and the makeup as well! Beautiful juicy red lips with bold black liner are classic and look so nice against her fair skin.

eHonestly I am very suprised that her ensemble hasen't been mentioned much in other bloggers' Grammys fashion recaps. I think this dress is stunning. Revealing yet subtle with the lace and i love the gorgeous flow of the dress at the bottom. Also, I love how the belt really accentuates her waist and adds a metal pop to the feminine gown. Paris Hilton's outfit was one of my faves!

White was deffinitely a color that I noticed going around alot but Carrie Underwood pulled it off flawlessly. I love the crystal detailing of the dres and the curve-hugging silhouette of it. I love the subtle earrings and how she didn't add much jewelry to an already dazzling outfit. Her hair was up in a pretty effortless updo which I thought worked really well with the sophisticated dress since it was already formal enough. The black clutch is subtle but adds a cool edgyness to her outfit.

This dress is so unique and has some incredible detail to it! Reminds me of a kimono. Beautiful train and I love the way it goes around her neck. It had a slight opening right above the chest without being too revealing. I thought this was beautiful on Swift's fair skin and slim shape.
FergieGrammys Grammys 2012: My Best Dressed   Rihanna and Katy %tag
I find people are really loving or hating this one...and I am deffinitely one of the lovers! I love how Fergie just went for it and really rocked it! This is a unique Jean Paul Gaulthier gown that really stood out and Fergie pulled it off beautifully. I love the lace and of course the bright bold orange. I like that she chose to pair it with gold accesories that flatter the orange nicely. She looks so sophisticated despite the craziness of the dress which is what I loved so much about it all.

I was also a big fan of Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rihanna's outfits I just don't think they make it into my top 5.
Oh and can I just say...what in the world was Nicki Minaj thinking?!
That outfit was crazy but not in a good way. The only one that can pull off an outfit that extreme is Lady Gaga and that is my firm belief.

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