Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MFW Day 2 Recap!

Montreal Fashion Week - Day 2 Recap
WOW is all I can say about this amazing second day at Montreal's fashion week! Celebrity appearances, colorful clothing, crazy dance numbers, and of course some very talented designers! I loved every single show I saw on day 2 so it is very hard to pick and choose. You know I will anyway so here goes....

Best overall clothing:
Martin Lim! Oh my god what an amazing designer duo! Beautiful, flowy and colorful pieces were seen on the runway. Their dresses are incredible and I coulden't get enough of it. 

Best beauty look:
Definitely at the Annie 50 cocktail...but that's nothing new! Every season the models for Annie 50 have beautiful retro-looking waves and swirls in their hair with a classic makeup look.
[I have to give a shoutout to the wonderful hair by Vidal Sassoon at Martin Lim though! Gorgeous!]
Craziest celebrity appearance:
Will Smith at the Ralph Leroy show! I swear people were freaking out. Unfortunetely I didn't get pictures though; you coulden't get anywhere near him! 

Best show finale:
RALPH LEROY. For his 5th anniversary, he definitely went all out! A giant dance number was at the end of the show and everyone went wild over it. Check out the Fave facebook page where we shared the video I took of the finale:

Best/Most fun use of colors:
I adored all the pretty shades of purple at Symbiose by Hinda A. All of the pieces were so wearable and feminine too so definitely right up my alley. And colored tights? totally me. Loved it! 

Stay tuned for more fun recaps of my days at fashion week and for my final huge post on the entire event!


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