Monday, 17 March 2014

Mens style staple : The light blue shirt

Gentleman, the light blue shirt is your best friend.  In a world where fashion comes and goes, the stylish light blue shirt is always on trend. I want to show you how versatile a light blue shirt is with three different styles and why it is a staple to have in your wardrobe. The three styles I present to you are ; casual, smart/casual and smart/preppy. I hope that at least one of the three styles will take your fancy or inspire you to raid your wardrobe , creating outfits with your own fashion stash.

I apologise that the quality of the photos isn't the best as I was using a digital camera and a wooden chair to take these snaps. Nevertheless, I enjoyed taking them.

casual and playful

Although a shirt looks great buttoned up, they can also look more casual when they are unbuttoned. A light blue shirt can be worn over T-shirts to create a more playful and fun look. Though a shirt is seen more formal, I have softened it's image with a bold print T-shirt ( a cookie monster print , of course)! The white T-shirt that I'm wearing also has hints of light blue on the print to which ties the clothing combination together nicely. This is a look I would wear in the daytime with a pair of dark jeans.

Outfit menu 

Jeans - Primark
'cookie monster' print T-shirt - Primark
Light blue shirt - River island

Smart / casual

The light blue shirt is most commonly known for looking smart, so I had to give it credit and show how I would achieve this. I am wearing the light blue shirt with navy chino's. Yes, it sounds like a blue-on-blue catastrophe but the shades really work together. I have then accented the outfit with a brown leather belt and brown leather boots. A tie could be added to make the outfit more smart, but be careful not to throw a bright or neon colour and make the colours clash. This outfit goes to show how the light blue shirt can go from play to work mode just by changing the trousers and adding a belt.

Outfit menu 

Navy chinos- New look
Brown belt - Burtons menswear
Brown boots - Sports direct

Smart/ preppy 

This outfit follows on from the previous smart look. This style is more preppy and better for those colder days. The outfit consists of the same navy chinos and light blue shirt as before but I've kept myself cosy by throwing a heavy knitted cream jumper on top. The jumper allows only accents of the shirt to be seen but your eyes are really drawn to the upper half of the torso as the shirt has formed construction around the neck. For gentleman , this makes the shoulders appear broad. In the photos seen here I have matched the preppy look by carrying my work books in a brown leather Ted baker satchel bag. To emphasise the preppy look, loafers or brogue shoes could also be worn.

Outfit menu 

Navy chinos- New look
Brown bag - Ted baker
Cream knitted jumper - New look
Light blue shirt  - River island

Here are some places where you can purchase a light blue shirt of your own. Mine is from River island, but if you just click the links below you can view other stockists of the simple yet classic light blue shirt

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the reasons why the light blue shirt is a style staple due to it's versatility and style status. Please feel free to leave a comment as I'd love to hear from you or any styles guides you would like next.


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