Monday, 17 March 2014

The Digital Age: How Cyber-Fashion is Changing the Way We Dress

Ladies, hide your wallets. Your dream of owning a Cher Horowitz digital closet may soon be a reality. With the super-charged constant evolution of modern-day technology it is only due time that the infamous Clueless virtual wardrobe stylists hits the shelves. Not only that, but multiple new innovative ways to shop and style are emerging from behind your computer screens as we speak. From virtual closets to monthly style subscriptions, there are now countless ways to hone in on your style skills.


Gone are the days of slinking out of those skinny jeans, fumbling over the removal of your lace-up boots and messing your hair just to see how something fits. Currently available in select retail stores, Swivel lets you try things on virtually- no change room required! For now, the intended use is for retail stores, but you will soon be able to get your own system installed at home. Even farther, you will be able to let friends give you suggestions on clothing and accessories via social media. They've even integrated beauty and hair, so you can try on the latest runway makeup trends without breaking the bank.


LE TOTE is a monthly clothing rental service that lets you borrow and return clothes at a monthly fee of $49. They're like the Netflix of fashion. Users fill out an online profile to hone in on their personal style. Then, LE TOTE's stylists create a profile that plays off your likes and dislikes and sends you a tote bag with 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories for you to keep as long as you want. When you're done, simply pop the items back in the tote bag and pop it in the mail. You'll then receive a new tote bag with entirely different outfits! These totes are claimed to contain over $1000 worth of goodies. As of now, they are not available in Canada but I hope so soon because SIGN ME UP!


As a closet and wardrobe fashion app that lets you curate your inventory so that you can look effortless and chic on the daily, STYLEBOOK is definitely worth a download. Take pictures of your stuff, upload them to the app, and match away! Not only can you create and organize outfits, but you can also create packing lists and track how long ago you've worn an item so you can decide whether to donate or keep it. I myself am constantly updating my closet - removing those items I haven't worn in over a year, and adding in-style items I'm lacking. This is the perfect fashion accessory for my situation.The app does cost ($3.99), but you'd definitely end up saving money in the long run by getting more use out of your investments.

Go Try It On

When putting together an outfit, I often find myself wondering "does this make me look stylish or a hot mess"? The Go Try It On app solves this common dilemma. Upload photos of you wearing said outfit, and fellow GTIOers will vote whether you should wear it or forget it. I like to think I'm stylish, but sometimes one needs a second (or third or fourth) opinion on your outfit choice.

With this new cyberfashion movement, brick and mortar retail stores will really have to set up their game to keep up with the competition. E-commerce has become a definite need for stores to boost their client base and sales volume over the past 5 years, and now virtual closets and change rooms will soon be standard for our large-scale retail stores.

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