Thursday, 20 March 2014

review for magazine by Alyssa (le closet)

Spring is officially here (kind of) and it's about this time that I begin to exam my shoe collection to ensure I have all proper pairs for the warmer months ahead. Over the years of shoe purchasing, some good, some not so good I did learn what were the staples. I agree that you can never have too many shoes. The excitement of purchasing a new pair of heels or great fitting boots is simply too rewarding and satisfying not to, but that's extra. The classics are a must and will take you anywhere and will go with anything. Especially when traveling. Today I am sharing the must haves for spring and summer (some will even take you into fall and winter). Happy shopping!

One - The classic court shoe. Also known as a black stiletto or pump. I think it's equally as important to have two pairs of this version (open toe and closed) so that you have options for all seasons but if you are only to purchase one go with the closed toe. This is definitely one of the all time timeless shoe. I think I've seen at least one version of it in every shoe store. It will take you to the office with a pencil skirt, to night time drinks with skinny denim and to a wedding with your favourite little black dress. It's a must have and the best part is it can fit in anyones budget. You can spend up to a thousand on a pair or as little as thirty dollars.

Two - The nude strappy sandal. Another long time classic this one comes in a variety of shades and styles (as well as price points). Since this shoe is typically a little bit higher, spending a bit more money for the quality and comfort with be worth it, also not to mention all the straps. They will take you for a night out with the girls or paired with fancier dress for a wedding or special ocassion. Also because these specific heels are of lighter shades they can be worn easier during the day.

Three - The ballet flat. This is no secret that this is a definite must have for a shoe collection. I remember when I was in ballet class and how comfortable my ballet slippers where (before all the ripes and holes) and they have since made them for every day wear and comfort. You can get them in a variety of colours but the classic black leather pair will easily be paired with denim, floral dresses as well as just lounging around the house. Easily carry them in your purse to slip on when your feet get soar from your heels. I've bought cheaper pairs year after year only to just throw them out at the end of the season so I'm looking forward to purchasing a good quality pair that will last me more than three months (see a post about that here). Repetto makes the classic ballet flat but if you are looking for something more budget friendly see this pair at Topshop. I also think the pointed flat is just as classic. This one with the separated soal makes them extra comfortable and gives them a more unique look.

Four - The metallic wedge. I typically don't gravitate towards metallic shoes but the wedge (especially these ones from J.Crew) have really made a great impression on me. These are so great to add just a little extra to a casual outfit or perfect for outdoor weddings (getting your heel stuck in the grass is not attractive nor is is any fun) so these are perfect and comfortable for these types of occasions. When purchasing a metallic wedge ensure the heel is low (think kitten heel) when you go too high you end up looking like an actress out of the Austin Powers movie.

Five - The leopard flat or pump. This one is a fun extra put surprisingly goes with many outfits. Goes extra well with stripes or polka dots in the summer. It also looks great with a bright red toe polish. I also love this one for work as it adds that extra little something to an office outfit. You will wear a flat pair just as much as the heel. See this one by Steve Madden with a tiny gold heel (bonus it's on sale!)

Six - Leather flat sandal. This one for me replaces the flip flop. This one is by St-Tropez, which are famously known for their classic and amazing quality sandals, but this type of sandal can be found in so many different styles and price point. This one is also great with short and long summer dresses or a summer navy romper. I feel flip flops are appropriate for pool side or shared dorm room showers but when out and about or hitting the beach, these are just as comfortable but way more stylish.

Seven - Converse. This one I just recently added to my shoe collection. It's a great casual shoe and great for traveling on the plane. Since my rule of "sneakers for the gym only" I feel this shoe adds just the right amount of 'sporty", plus their a classic. Most were wearing these as a child and many years later are still stylish. Little tip, if you wear a smaller shoe size like moi (I'm a 6) try the larger sizes in the children's section, you'll save half the price!

Eight - The boat (yacht) shoe. I'm a big fan of these. I bought a pair over five years ago and still wearing them today. These are such a classic pair of shoes and really make you feel like you belong on a boat somewhere with crisp white shorts and a navy striped top. I equally love wearing them with a pair of skinny denim.
















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