Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mens pastel trend

More than likely, spring fashion has two types of trends that bloom up each year ; Floral print and pastel colours. As a fan of both these trends I was more than pleased to realise that these styles have found their way into mens fashion this season just as much as they have  in woman's fashion. For gentleman who perhaps fear the floral prints , then pastel colours for spring is a great alternative. Bold sugary Pastel colours make a great statement for the fresh months of spring . The transition of lighter colours from the dark and heavy winter clothes ( now lurking in the bottoms of the wardrobe) , will also lift your mood into spring. You have to spring clean your wardrobe too !

I have found some of my favourite candy pastel fashion items in the high street stores below. Some of the colours seem really vibrant against the white back drop the items have been photographed with. Click on any of the pictures and it will link you to website.

Jack wills



Image 1 of The Cambridge Satchel Company Cambridge Satchel Portrait Backpack - cambridge satchel

New look
Burton menswear

Bold pastel shirts look great buttoned up to the top with a silver or gold chain necklace on show around the collar. Both blue jeans and cream chinos compliment pastel tops. For a day look, a pastel top with cream chinos rolled up past the ankles and boat shoes give an effortless summer vibe.  I've come to realise that pastel yellow at times can often make your complexion seem  "washed out", however yellow contrasts well against tanned/ darker skin tones.

If there is a trend , designer or store that you would like me to review , feel free to leave a comment.

All the best, Harry 

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