Monday, 7 November 2011

Behind the scenes of a Fave magazine cover test shoot!

Hello lovely people!
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a magazine cover shoot?
Well, let me show you!

We recently had a test cover shoot with the top 5 models that were chosen through the competition Fave held. Alcides shot all 5 girls with the same makeup and somewhat similar outifts (the fashion is a suprise!).

The minute I met the gorgeous models, I knew why each had been chosen to be in the top 5. Every model was down-to-earth, professional, mature and had great personality. I absolutely loved chatting with them. Let me introduce you a little to these 5 wonderful young ladies:

Favorite Store: H&M, Urban Behaviour
Favorite Clothing Item: Shoes, shorts
Random Fact: This girl has absolutely GORGEOUS skin! Jealousy right here...

Favorite Store: Forever 21
Favorite Clothing Item: yoga pants
Random Fact: She doesn't have a favorite color. Oh and she looks alot like Nina Dobrev, don't you think?

Favorite Store: Dynamite
Favorite Clothing Item: Skinny jeans
Random Fact: This girl has brains AND beauty! She is currently studying communication in university. I love meeting models that are just as intelligent as they are beautiful.

Favorite Store: H&M
Favorite Clothing Item: Skinny jeans
Random Fact: Her favorite color is green which looks absolutely amazing with her bold blonde hair!

Favorite Store: Forever 21
Favorite Clothing Item: Shoes
Random Fact: She is a shoe-aholic like me...when she told me this I proceeded to tell her all about my shoe obsession and the glitter shoes I was currently wearing. Just say the word shoes and I'm there...

So those are our 5 beautiful models! Like I said, I could not believe the maturity of these girls. All 5 girls were professional and handled themselves very well with the Fave team. Kudos to them for being so amazing. I spent a long time chatting with them and can honestly say that their interior deffinitely matches their exterior. These young ladies are beautiful inside and out. Trust me, this won't be the last time you'll see their faces on this blog! Love them all!

Meet our incredible makeup artist for the shoot: Julie Katona!
Julie was so friendly and worked really well with the models. The look she created was flawless and I will deffinitely be trying to recreate it on myself. Here is the look she was working off of:

This look was from Gucci. Very wide-eyed with long spidery lashes. Beautiful bold red lips. The lips were my favorite part. They were such a gorgeous berry color and it really made the models' faces pop. Julie did an amazing job at recreating this look.

Alcides was the photographer and he was assisted by Matthew Treacy. Both are such great guys and really passionate about photography. Alcides worked so well with the models and I felt like they really fed off of his energy.
 This was the hairspray used on the models. It smelled really nice and seemed to give their hair a beautiful shine without making it look greasy. I will deffinitely be checking this one out soon!

The shoot was alot of fun and the whole team worked together and had a blast. The outfits that the girls are wearing are a suprise but I will deffinitely be mentioning it in a future blog post once they have already been revealed. There is a certain other Fave team member that I will mention when the time comes. Until then, get excited because one of these lovely ladies will be on the next cover of Fave!

- Gen

*All models are from Angie's Models & Talent International which you can check out at*

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