Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Glittery Obsession

Hello again my loves!
So I briefly mentioned my obsession with glitter and sequins in my behind the scenes of the Fave cover test shoot post. Well prepare to be blown away by sparkly things. Glitter is my newest addiction and you can find it EVERYWHERE right now, especially since it's the holiday season. I love how chic and girly glitter is. It's so fun and adds something extra to any outfit. Glitter stands out in a crowd and is a bold statement that says you're not afraid to have a little fun. It is also a huge trend right now and I've definitely seen it all over the runways mixed with the heavy metal trend.

Let me show you a few pieces that I have literally been day dreaming about....starting with the ultimate in my glittery fantasies:

This dress is from Melanie Lyne. I have never even thought about going into this store until the other day when I spotted this absolutely gorgeous number in the window display. It is eye catching, fun, sexy and everything I see in my dreams haha. This dress is exquisite and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. I know I'm lusting after it! What about you?  It's $285 but honestly the most beautiful glittery number I have ever laid eyes upon. Yes, I am in love.

I know, I know. Toms seem to be the latest "tacky" shoe obsession these days. But I find these utterly adorable. They're a fun and sparkly take on a boring old sneaker and you can wear them anywhere! They add fun to your daily outfit and come in this cute pink color (the black ones are nice too if you want to stick to something a little less crazy but still glittery!).

These beautiful pieces can be found at Suzy Shier and guess what? they're both under 40$! You have to check out their amazing new Holiday collection called "Glitterati". They have alot of cute pieces with fun sequins at great prices. I absolutely love the stuff they have instore right now:

Glitter heels are probably the biggest thing I am seeing right now. This lovely pair is from TopShop and I adore them. I recently bought a pair of flats that have kind of the same multi colored glitter and now I am dying for these heels! Check these killer heels out at{1}~[multi]&noOfRefinements=1
If you don't wanna go all-out glitter dress you can definitely wear a sparkly top like this! Perfect for going out and you will deffinitely catch somebody's eye.
Even the new OPI Muppets nail polish collection is full of glitter! It's deffinitely a nail trend right now and the colors in this collection are gorgeous. I already picked up the blue and purple glitter ones! Another trend that's been big as far as glitter and nails go is painting all of your nails one color and then putting a glitter polish over one nail per hand. I like to do it on the ring finger and I've been seeing this every lately. It adds a little unexpected pop of shimmer to your nails.

So much glitter, so little time...
I hope you guys enjoyed this fun sparkly post!
Always getting my glitter on,
- Gen


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