Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Got a date tonight? PART 1

Hi guys!
So you may be wondering: What in the world do I wear when I go on a date?
Well let me be your (fashion) dating guide and give you a few helpful tips!

In this first part I will tell you ladies how to dress for a date. In the second part, which is going to be posted in a few days, I will tell the guys how to.  Enjoy!

The key here is don't overdue it! I know barely any guys who actually want girls to pile on a crazy amount of makeup and pretend they're someone they're not on a first date. Be yourself! My go-to outfit for a date night would be a cute feminine top with some dark skinny jeans. It's simple and comfy yet shows off your style and femininity. ALSO, always keep in mind where you are going and what you are doing! NO girl wants to mini golf in heels...trust me. I'm a really big fan of sequins and sheer blouses right now so I've incorporated that into this post.

I love cute tops like these for a date:

Keep in mind to choose jeans that flatter your shape! My personal favorites for a date are dark skinny jeans with not alot of detailing on the behind!
If you're comfortable with wearing heels, I say go for it! I find heels make you look so much more confident and really bring out your figure (and your outfit!). Just don't go for really high 5 inch heels! If heels are not really your thing or you're afraid something will happen and you don't want to embarass yourself, I would opt for flats. They're cute, comfy, and look awesome with a pair of skinny jeans! Never wear shoes you just bought on a date. That's a disaster waiting to happen. A cute idea too is to wear some sexy over the knee boots. They're totally on trend right now and perfect for a cold night out.

For dates I love to bring along a clutch to bring my necessities in. Here are some gorgeous ideas:

(By the way these are super affordale! The one in the middle is from Aldo and the two on the sides are from Forever 21!)

I hope you found this helpful! Happy dating!
- Gen


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