Sunday, 20 November 2011

Street Style Sunday #1

Hey guys!
So I've decided to start up a new series here on the blog. Every Sunday, I will feature street style pictures that I have taken in Ottawa or around it (Montreal, Toronto, etc.). These are just people I see anywhere: on the streets, at a movie theatre, etc. Anywhere. They are people that I have passed by and thought they had incredible and unique style.
To start off this series I wanted to share these pictures of two guys I met with awesome style! They both had great Fall style so I figured this would be a good way to kick off this series:

This stylish guy's name is Kraemer. I absolutely loved his jacket. Not many guys try and pull off white but they really should! The plaid shirt he has on looks great poking out from his white jacket and he had an awesome across-the-shoulder bag. His jeans are sleek and his shoes are not flashy and look nice and muted with the rest of the outfit. Love it! 

I actually forgot to get this wonderful guy's name! I saw him while coming out of the movie theatre and just had to stop him. Another men's coat that I love! It looks so cozy but at the same time suited him so well. He had on some nice shoes and I love the white collared shirt. Also, don't you just love that haircut? I really do and I think his outfit really suits him well. Why can't all men dress like this?!

Well I hope you guys liked this first installement in my Street Style Sunday series!
Let me know what you think of these fabulous men and their sense of style.
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- Gen

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